Sport B13 MER – $6799.00

Sport B13 MER

Snowdog Sport has been designed for customers that choose Snowdog for fun and sport riding. Dynamics and maneuverability are the priorities here. To improve the ease of steering, the engine has been moved back


Snowdog Sport features:

  1. Openable hood for easy engine and transmission maintenance.
  2. Wide handlebar — makes steering easier and enlarges the luggage compartment.
  3. Heated grips are controlled by a handlebar switch and ensure the ride will be comfortable.
  4. Comes with hand guards which protect user’s hands against tree branches and cold wind.
  5. Luggage compartment has a plastic box protecting the load from snow.
  6. Headlight is on the hood’s top for better lighting.
  7. Cross terrain performance can be improved by installation of trolley-slider suspension (optional).